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The rules of healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is physiologically necessary for a person and is an important condition for physical and mental health.

The importance of healthy sleep affects to the quality of our wakefulness, namely, how our body rests at night depends on how it will function during the day. Proper sleep is a source of great mood, well-being and our beauty.


Here are some main rules of healthy sleep:


  • Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, regardless of the day of the week.
  • It is better to go to bed before 11 PM. It is time when people’s body are set to relax.
  • Do not eat anything before bedtime. A couple of hours before bedtime, you can eat light food, such as vegetables, fruits or dairy products.
  • Do not drink alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages (cocoa, coffee, tea) before bedtime. Tea with chamomile, mint or warm milk with honey, drunk before bedtime, will benefit the body and help you fall asleep faster and easier.
  • The walk before going to bed in the fresh air will helps to quick sleeping
  • Do not take a cold shower before bedtime, leave this procedure in the morning. In the evening it is best to take a warm bath or shower.
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