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Healthy Child Premium

Schedule of Health Services


Services Coverage Notes
Outpatient Services
Physician and nurse consultations and related medical procedures, including preventative health exams Full
Specialist physician referrals Full Prescribed by AMC
Radiology services (x-ray, ultrasound) Full Prescribed by AMC
Laboratory services Full Prescribed by AMC
Childhood vaccinations Full
Physiotherapy Full Limit 5 sessions; co-payment 65$
Urgent Care Services
24-hour access to AMC medical staff.  Services include physician and nurse consultations, AMC medical procedures, x-rays, laboratory tests, outpatient emergency treatment Full
Hospital Services
Hospitalization fees to include necessary surgical procedures, routine nursing procedures, x-rays, laboratory tests, pre-admission testing, medications and I.V. therapy.  English-speaking nurse will be provided upon request of patient. Overall care is directed and supervised by AMC care providers Partial 5 days coverage if prescribed by an AMC physician, see plan coverage
Home Health Care Services
Scheduled home visits.  Services include physician or nurse consultations, AMC home care procedures. Scheduled home visits are based on AMC physician or nurse availability and approval by AMC physician Full Limit 5 per year; $85 co-payment thereafter
Emergency Hospitalizations and Medical Evacuation
Includes coordination of emergency hospitalizations by an AMC physician. Medical evacuations will be coordinated (if not covered by other insurance). The plan doesn’t cover expenses for evacuation and treatment abroad. Full
Ambulance Services
Ambulance transportation within local area is covered for emergencies to the AMC and to the hospitals to which AMC refers Full
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  • Dr. Gaukhar TULEPOVA
  • Family Medicine
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