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Child Check, School Entry

School or Kindergarten entry often requires a medical certificate or maybe you have general concerns about your child’s health or just require a routine check. All of these are covered in our Package which includes a consultation, examination and basic tests to ensure that your child is healthy and developing normally. Weight and height are checked and a full blood count checks for anaemia and normal blood cells, a stool test checks for any parasite infection, a glucose check for diabetes and a cardiogram to check for any rhythm abnormalities. 

Any certification is provided within the package price.




Consultation, Examination to include weight and height, recommendations by Pediatrician OR Consultation, Examination and Certification for Kindergarten / School entry to National requirements




  • Complete blood count (Red and white cells in the blood and their distribution)
  • Urine analysis (Kidney function and Diabetes)
  • Stool test for parasites, bacteria
  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • ECG (To check for heart enlargement and rhythm abnormalities)
  • Fasting Glucose (To check for Diabetes)
  • Treatment plan
  • Vaccination Review & Certificate


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  • Dr. Aleksey Stolyarov
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