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Healthy Life Plan

AMC is proud to announce its newest health program dedicated to healthy way of life, nutrition and overweight challenges.

This program is suitable for those people who:

  • care about their health and the health of their family
  • have trouble coping with being overweight, or conversely, want to gain additional weight
  • sportsmen, or those seeking to gain muscle mass May have disease associated with excess weight (diabetes, hypertension, disease, coronary heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, peptic ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, recovery after long illnesses, surgeries)

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Weight correction programs includes:

  • Personal comprehensive approach, medical and diet control, psychological support
  • Objective analysis of the patient’s eating behavior, including laboratory tests
  • Consultations in the form of training and providing the necessary printed materials to help you with the personal control
  • Developing an individual diet and physical activity programs
  • Monitoring of patient health status (in dynamics) and regular doctor controlling

AMC offers the following services in the Healthy Life Package:


Healthy Life» Program (3 months)


  • Includes consultations and examinations by personally designed scheme, aimed on the weight monitoring and normalizing as well as health status controlling:
  • A detailed health examination provided by family physician and dietician
  • As a primary examination – anamnesis, weighing, BMI calculation, body dimensions and general recommendations provided by Dietician
  • Personal diet menu, scheduled by days and hours, with correction at each visit (taking into account the weight dynamics, well-being and other physical indicators)
  • Maintaining of the patient’s motivation; working with the psychological difficulties during the weight normalization proces

Healthy Life» Program (6 -12 months) 

  • Developed for those who faced the obesity problem or has chronic diseases due to overweight
  • Genetic analysis (6 genes test) for receiving a recommended nutrition
  • Will enable you to achieve the desired target without undue stress on the physical state with the careful health monitoring by family physician, dietician and psychologist

The choice of the program depends on your targets and main question – how quickly and efficiently do you want to adjust your body to the right lifestyle and healthy habits.

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