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Woman’s Executive Premium

A cost-effective premium check recommended each year, and covering important major diseases – cardiac, thyroid, diabetes, and kidney disease. The check includes ultrasound examinations – abdominal and pelvic. Blood tests include tests for thyroid disease, kidney and liver function and tests for diabetes, blood cholesterol and fats, and vitamin D. A cardiogram is also performed. 

Spirometry will be offered to long-term smokers and a stool (feces) test for blood for women over 45. 

In addition to the tests, a personal physician will contact you before the medical to arrange appointments and check if you have any specific health anxieties. He or she will conduct the medical and the examination, and package all results to you electronically with recommendations for ongoing health and follow-up.  

This examination may be covered by your Insurance Company, if you feel this is the case, please contact our sales/marketing staff who can check and arrange a guarantee of payment. 

Some women may wish to combine this package with a Gynaecological Package in which case a discount will be offered. Please discuss this with our sales or marketing staff. 

Consultation, Examination, Recommendations

  • ECG -To check for heart enlargement and rhythm abnormalities
  • Spirometry – To check for Lung Damage in Current and Ex-Smokers – Optional
  • Fecal Occult Blood – To check for bleeding from the lower bowel – a possible indication of cancer – Optional
  • CBC / ESR – Red and white cells in the blood and their distribution
  • TSH – Thyroid function
  • T4 / T3 – Thyroid function
  • Fasting Glucose – To check for Diabetes
  • Hb1Ac – To check long term sugar status – a check for diabetes
  • Lipid Panel – To check for cholesterol and blood fats
  • Renal & Electrolyte Panel – To check kidney function
  • Vitamin D -Vitamin D levels for immunity and health
  • Liver Panel – Liver function and disease
  • Urine Analysis – Kidney function and Diabetes
  • Chest x-ray 1 view (if not in previous 2 years)
  • Abdominal, Thyroid and Pelvic Ultrasound – Check of internal organs, liver, kidneys, uterus and ovaries; and thyroid gland



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